Installing Network At Student Accommodation

Farrier House

What was our project?

Here at Comms2Comms, we are working on Farrier House in Worcester. Farrier House which will perform as student accommodation covering 3 floors which will house 69 rooms. We understand that student accommodation having stable network connections is vital for the those staying in it as they will more than likely need constant access to online resources. This is why we are very happy to be providing our service and doing what we do best. During our time there, we will be working with high quality CAT6 cabling making sure each room has 1 socket and that WIFI and network accessibility is constant throughout the building. We will achieve this by having multiple access points internally for an all-round connection, with an aim to help provide solid network coverage at any time of the day or night. Other than this, we are going to be supplying a fibre broadband connection which will enable heightened and faster speed internet for the students living in the housing.

What else have we been doing?

Something we take very seriously here at Comms2Comms is not only making sure our work is of a high standard, but making sure it is secure, tamperproof and has excellent security. We will be assisting in installing the firewall to control the level of access given to the students and integrate billing for bandwidth. This is another project that we are incredibly excited to be part of and the entire team can’t wait to see the complete product.

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