Data pole installed at John Shepherd in Solihull

data pole networking

What was the project?

At the Solihull branch of John Shepherd they were carrying out a refurbishment which involved having a new central pod of desks and they needed to consider how they were going to run electric and networking to the computers on these new desks. So rather than running cables from the floor outlets under floor covers and creating trip hazards, we suggested that they consider a data pole.

What did we do?

A data pole allows cables to be ran via the ceiling and down the inside of the data pole to properly terminated CAT5 points. In this data pole we have installed 12 CAT5 points and an electrician installed 16 electric points. The end result keeps everything neat and tidy and looks good. Included are some photos of the finished project.


If you are interested in a data pole or any other form of networking or telecoms in the Birmingham area then please get in touch with us.

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