Renewed Alcatel Accreditations

Alcatel Lucent

Whats happened this week?

Recently one of our senior engineers has been re-qualified as a certified business partner and business partner for Alcatel Lucent. His name is Paul Norton and he has renewed his qualification time and time again over the past few years, passing the exam each year. He is incredibly experienced and has been working in this sector for an extended amount of time, persisting in his work and doing it to an excellent standard.

What did he get up to?

Paul has an incredibly strong desire to succeed and this is apparent due to his comprehensive knowledge in resolving issues presented at Comms2Comms. His role entails installing and supporting telephone lines, be that installing an entirely new system or simply updating an outdated one for businesses of all shapes and sizes. So when you see your telephone lines down you know Paul is supporting and trying to fix the problem. If you ever need help with fixing or installing telecommunication lines, we have an incredibly skilled team of engineers at Comms2Comms including Paul & who would be more than happy to provide this service. We would like to take this moment and congratulate Paul for his hard-work and dedication to the work he has done for Comms2Comms and hope he will be with us longer.

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