The Falcon Hotel

The Falcon Hotel

The Comms2Comms team have been hard at work in Uppingham most recently, working at The Falcon Hotel.

‘The Falcon Hotel, is a stunning 16th Century coaching inn that is situated in the pride of Uppingham’s historic Market Place. The hotel is just four miles from the shores of Rutland Water, in the heart of the natural splendours of Rutland.’ Falcon Hotel Website

What did we do?

The Falcon Hotel has many rooms available, all with a wonderful traditional english feel so we we’re very excited to get to work on this, as this is a relatively big building with a lot of things to consider, regardless of this we we’re on board to help modernise it with the addition of a few technological advancements.

The first thing we looked to install was a internal coms system, specifically a NS700. This will allow a much higher level of communication between staff members when carrying out daily operations, streamlining the workforce whilst bringing the effectiveness of customer service to a heightened level. Other than this, it will help make the communication between the guests staying at the hotel and the staff much more effective when dealing with questions and enquiries – with access to each other being a button press away.

Second to this, we worked to install premium quality CAT6 cabling making sure each room had solid WIFI and network accessibility and was ensured to be constant throughout the building. We achieved this by creating a web of access points scattered throughout the building, making sure there we’re no dead spots regardless of what room you’d be staying in.

We we’re incredibly happy with how this turned out, the team working on this instillation worked hard to make sure there was complete coverage throughout, something of which we can say we we’re happy to have achieved.

Stay tuned for more updates as we have been working on multiple projects over the last few months!

The Comms2Comms team

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