Marches – Bridgnorth

Late into last year, the Comms2Comms team we’re working up and down the country on various projects, not only that but in some truly fascinating places.

Marches in Bridgnorth being no exception to this. The facility needed help with wifi and cabling and we we’re happy to lend a hand.

Marches is an absolutely outstanding facility that provides apprenticeships and training primarily in the Bridgnorth area. Using state of the art CNC machinery, it contains cutting edge technology throughout and over years of providing this service, has become one of the most skilled trainers in the industry today. They have received an ‘outstanding’ rating from OFSTED and seem to be going from strength to strength, unlike their old wifi it seems. During our time there, we carried out two tasks which is undoubtedly going to improve the fluidity of the work that goes on within the facility. The first of which was an install of Factory New CAT5 cabling, this allows for perfectly streamlined connectivity, assures peace of mind as far as quality is concerned and promotes expandability as CAT5 cabling is incredibly versatile and multi-purpose. The second task on our list was to install WIFI access points throughout the facility, in a place where there is such an emphasis on technology, it only makes sense that they have clear wifi access throughout which not only helps for work productivity, but helps for play in equal measures. This was completed via a hosted system which offers everything that a fixed line telephone system offers, the only key difference is that its virtual and is hosted in the cloud. This in turn makes this scalable, flexible and infinitely more reliable. We we’re incredibly glad to work with such a fascinating and forward thinking client, and we’d welcome any future work if they were to have us back. As always we’ll keep you in the loop with projects we’ve been working on more recently. Take a look at another recent project here:

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