Anglia DNA – Norwich

We’ve been out and about in Norwich recently! Specifically carrying out some work at Anglia DNA. Anglia DNA is an independent UK laboratory offering a range of scientific services, specialising in DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing for both court-directed and private purposes. They required a full CAT5 cable install to help streamline their day to day.

This was quite a unique opportunity for us as although the job itself was very familiar and something we had done before, the company and the building itself was fascinating. Anglia DNA used to be an RAF site which has now been converted into a completely different facility.

During out time there, we carried out a CAT5 cable install and a hosted rainbow system. Rainbow phone systems are fantastic as they allow you to have high definition calls over a secure internet connection, without having to fork out thousands for a traditional phone system.

It’s systems like this that are modernising the way businesses communicate with each other, allowing them to work faster, smarter and on the move with mobile app options.

The CAT5 cable install pairs up with this hosted phone system as this allows for connectivity across the whole site, making sure there are no dead spots, no members of staff who are out of range or for some reason not able to access the same benefits of this. The staff we worked alongside we’re very friendly and we think we’ve made some fantastic friends and connections for the future.

Another job done and we’re happy to have been able to carry out this install, we’re very hopeful we will be able to carry out more work here as we thoroughly enjoyed out our time here. we’ll make sure to keep you posted on upcoming work we carry out over the coming weeks.

– The Comms2Comms Team

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