Bongo Bingo

There is a growing trend in many capital cities where a previously existing idea is taken and then re-vamped with a new and exciting edge, giving it a whole other meaning. Birmingham does this fantastically, and the whole of Digbeth especially is alive with activities running through both day & night.

Bongo’s Bingo is a perfect example of this, mixing the simplicity of Bingo with the urban nightlife that thrives within the city. Set up in an almost identical way to a traditional bingo hall, the introduction of drinks and dance music makes for a great experience.

This was an interesting job for us, and we we’re excited to work with such a vibrant client. The job itself was a full CAT5 cable install to help with the implementation of PDQs (chip and pin machines) and for the tills being used at the bar.

This will help the participants have a good time being able to pay for drinks with their card more easily than they we’re previously, which stands as a crucial channel to help generate revenue. It also helps process multiple payment methods in a better way that was there before hand.

This was a multi-site job, taking place in both Birmingham and Liverpool alike, and as usual, we enjoyed every second of it and will have our eyes peeled on other sites as they grow across the country. We feel like we’ve made a friend here and wish them all the best over the coming weeks, months and years.

Comms2Comms is a CNCI certified installer covering telephone systems, networking cabling, CCTV and everything in-between across the whole country. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many business small and large, and will continue to do so to the very best of our ability.

– The Comms2Comms Team

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