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hosted solutions

Benefits of Going Hosted

In short, hosted systems are everything that a Fixed Line telephony system offers, its just virtual and hosted within the cloud. There are four key benefits to hosted solutions, the first one being it’s scalable to meet the needs of the people on the receiving end. Hosted solutions are typically on a ‘per- user-per-month’ payment […] Read More

Marches – Bridgnorth

Late into last year, the Comms2Comms team we’re working up and down the country on various projects, not only that but in some truly fascinating places. Marches in Bridgnorth being no exception to this. The facility needed help with wifi and cabling and we we’re happy to lend a hand. Marches is an absolutely outstanding […] Read More
Farrier House

Installing Network At Student Accommodation

What was our project? Here at Comms2Comms, we are working on Farrier House in Worcester. Farrier House which will perform as student accommodation covering 3 floors which will house 69 rooms. We understand that student accommodation having stable network connections is vital for the those staying in it as they will more than likely need […] Read More
Online Systems North

Online Systems North

What is the project? Comms2Comms are currently helping Online Systems with installations, fault calls and surveys due to the problems caused by the recent floods. Work is still on going and staff have been stretched to the limit. We have been helping out providing an engineering resource for 2 days a week since December last […] Read More
Kilvington Solicitors

Kilvington Solicitors

Where did we go? Went to Kirby Stephen in Cumbria today to Kilvington Solicitors. What did we get up? I had to take out a Samsung 7030 and replace it with a Samsung 7100. This meant reprogramming the system from scratch. All went well and tested fine. Then the long 156 mile drive home. Another […] Read More